Admission and Tram Rates
The following rates are applicable to childcare centres, kindergartens, before & after school care centres, local primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and locally operating international schools. Prices subject to change without notice. This applies to all communications that displays the school admission rates in WRS parks.



(Primary & below)

(Secondary & above)

Teacher/Parent Volunteer
(Not applicable for Tertiary Institutions)




FOC (based on 10:1 ratio**)
$13.00 if ratio exceeded




FOC (based on 10:1 ratio**)
$5.00 if ratio exceeded

^Students must be in uniform or school T-shirt for rates to apply.
*Admission for child below 3 years old is free. School groups are to pre-register with the Education department.
  Children below 3 years of age as of visit date are to have their names and birth dates emailed to Education department.
**10:1 ratio refers to 10 paying students to 1 teacher. Not applicable for Tertiary Institutions.
~Charges for rides apply for children below 3 years of age.