3-Day Bird Quest Camp

28, 29 & 30 November 2017 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)
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Embark on an expedition where you can experience up-close encounters with our feathered friends and hands-on bird-keeping experience. Be ready to tour our newly-opened Bird Discovery Centre where you come face to face with the world's largest egg. Be prepared to unearth the secrets of nest making and learn about feathers and flight.



"I understood that most birds are nearing extinction because of the selfish act of humans. I have also learnt that Jurong Bird Park breeds endangered birds so that they won’t be extinct. I will also be a bird keeper so that I can follow the outstanding footsteps of the bird keepers at Jurong Bird Park."


- Audrey Lim, 9, participant of Bird Quest camp (Nov 2014)



‘what a fun, educational and warm-hearted camp you ran. I am extremely impressed!!’


- Megan, parent of two of the participants in Bird Quest camp (Nov 2011)



"My kids really enjoyed the camp; nowadays they just rattle off the names of various birds - from toucan, starling, vulture, owl, Woody the pelican (who accidentally swallowed a block of wood)  to elephant bird-the extinct bird. etc.


It is this kind of interactive workshop (feel ostrich egg, feed fish to the pelican) which educate the kids (and store in their memory); no books can ever do that in such a short period of time."


- Mrs Kim, parent of one of the participants in Bird Quest camp (Nov 2010)



Day 1
Theme: Birds of Prey
Day 2
Theme: Feeding Time!
Day 3
Theme: Watery World



Recommended Age:

6 – 10 years old

28, 29 & 30 November 2017 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)


3 Days


$267.50 per child (includes 7% GST)
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Number of participants:

Maximum: 40 pax (Registration closes once we have 40 participants)

Points to Note:

  1. Payment invoice must be produced on the date of the camp as proof of successful registration.
  2. We have the right to turn away unregistered individuals who turn up for the camp.
  3. For emergency contact purposes, we will only consider registration submitted by parents or legal guardians.
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  5. Price includes park admission, tram ride, all meals and conducted tours stated in the itinerary.
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  8. Fees paid are non-refundable. However, we accept replacement of participant or participation in an alternative camp of the same value.
  9. Some programmes are weather permitting. In the event of wet weather, the Education Department reserves the right to replace the affected outdoor programme with an indoor programme deemed suitable according to the staff's own discretion.
  10. Not applicable for tour groups.
  11. Participants will be accompanied by Education staff throughout the programme.
  12. For further enquiries, please contact [email protected] / [email protected].