What's Happening?

Junior Avian Keeper
5 December 2017 (Tuesday)

Registration is now open!

Take flight into the avian world by immersing yourself with the work of our keepers. Try your hand at preparing feed and enrichment for some of the most fascinating birds. Find out how keepers ensure that the birds are kept in the pink of health. Be prepared to get dirty and rough it out for the sake of our feathered friends!

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Sleep with the Penguins Family Camp
2 - 3 December 2017 (Saturday - Sunday)

Registration is now open!

Get your sleeping bags ready for a cozy family sleepover with our charming penguins. Be entertained by a series of mind-stimulating activities that involve family fun and participation.

For more information on Sleep with the Penguins Family Camp, please click here.



3-Day Bird Quest Camp
28, 29 and 30 November 2017 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Registration is now open!

Embark on an expedition where you can experience up-close encounters with our feathered friends and hands-on bird-keeping experience. Be ready to tour our Bird Discovery Centre where you come face to face with the world's largest egg. Be prepared to unearth the secrets of nest making and learn about feathers and flight.

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Go Green For Wildlife!

Play these fun eco-games here, and learn how simple actions can help save the environment. Helping endangered species, conserving wildlife, and doing your part to preserve the world doesn't need to be difficult or complicated!

Vote for your favourite baby animal at GoGreenForWildlife.com, and we'll send another 20 cents to their existing conservation projects!